The Devourer

We heard it before we saw it: the sickly crunch of brick and beam mixed with the cries of those two slow or too stubborn to flee their home in time. We watched it from the roof of our row-house, taking a chance that it would pass us by on its single-minded mission to bore a hole through the Gideon Wall a mile down the road. The Chancellor promised us these things wouldn't happen again unless the people showed Daeus they were worthy of his mercy by rising up against "the rogue wizards" who use magic for their own selfish ends. I'm starting to wonder if that's all just a bunch of bullshit.

"The Devourer" signed & numbered limited-edition (100) print

Signed & numbered limited edition print. New EDITION SIZE: 100  -  Printed on high-quality acid-free paper using archival inks.  Paper size - 13x19, image size 12x15. Each print is shipped in a tube inside of a crystal bag for best protection against damage. 

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