The Slarr and its Many Handlers

A beast of pure chaos, but if handled properly, a useful tool for devouring and destroying decommissioned runestones. It’s an elaborate process bringing one under control, but those who are trained to do it are the utmost professionals - only once has a slarr broken free of its magical reins - and it was not a pretty sight. It took several weeks to clean up the blood that coated the streets of CoffeeTown after that very unfortunate event. Tougher regulations have been put in place since…thankfully.

"The Devourer" signed & numbered limited-edition (100) print

Signed & numbered limited edition print. New EDITION SIZE: 100  -  Printed on high-quality acid-free paper using archival inks.  Paper size - 13x19, image size 12x15. Each print is shipped in a tube inside of a crystal bag for best protection against damage. 

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