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Great City of Gateway

A sketch of Alta Canal which divides Warehouse Row from Templetown

A sketch of Alta Canal which divides Warehouse Row from Templetown

Gateway is an enormous city-turned-city-state set on the coast of Alendra in an easily defensible bay that feeds out into the Golden Sea and is home to tens of millions of people who hail from all corners of the Known World.

The Known World’s largest city is also situated at the mouth of two major rivers: the River Aren (The longest river in the Known World) and  the  Arcanian River, known as the River of the Gods. The River Aren snakes its way across 7 Kingdoms and originates in the desert land of Aren, home to many important cities of antiquity. The Gateway River Delta is where all of the original trading posts and settlements were established in the early days.

These settlements were eventually known as “The Five Cities” and enjoyed a long, productive, but brutal and strife-filled history. Eventually, the Five Cities underwent "Unification" under the guidance of "The Masons," a small guild of the wisest and most respected elders of the time, determined to end the horror of the ongoing "Wars of the Five Cities." 

Today, Gateway not only covers the entire area of the river delta, but it has also sprawled across the land scores of miles in every direction: up into the craggy ancient Arcanian Mountains to the North, deep into the Southern Swamplands of Alendra, and stretching  far, far west (farther than any other direction) along the River Aren into the ancient valley of Nathru-Val, a fertile farmland protected by mountains to the North and South.

Because of its access to major sea-routes, the political command of the River Aren, and the natural barriers of the mountains to the North and Swamps to the South, Gateway is perfectly situated to be THE hub of trade and commerce in the known world. But even more than that, it also happens to be located in a place of powerful magic -  a major nexus of arcaenic ley-lines.


Map of Gateway showing only major roadways and Avenues. Supplemental maps will show the greater Gateway City-State as well as individual sections in greater detail.

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