Mobile Wizard Tower

Once a common sight on the wide avenues of Gateway, mobile wizard towers (MoWT for short) are now relegated to only the most well-connected and pious families, as their use by freelance wizards is now strictly prohibited. 

Originally, MoWTs were custom-built by individual wizards looking for an alternative to boring and static wizard towers which could often be limiting to a spell-caster's sense of freedom. A MoWT provided wizards with the ability to range freely and offer their services throughout Gateway and its territories without fear of being unprepared for a job - their libraries and laboratories could come with them!

Typical MoWTs were between 4 and 6 stories tall, though there was a particularly famous one that reached up to 10 stories tall which was built by the highly insane, but massively wealthy Arghustus the Green. It lasted all of 2 days on the road before it toppled backwards atttempting to drive up Quartzeye Mountain Road in The Peaks.

Over time, MoWTs became extremely popular - some would say too popular. Because of the increasing strength and viability of runestones and the development of mass-production assembly lines, ownership opened up to non-professional and amateur wizards and even non-wizards.

During certain popular events and holidays, the avenues would often become glutted with the things - blocking all but foot traffic for hours and even days. Often, careless MoWT drivers looking to avoid heavy traffic would foolishly steer the massive vehicles down narrow side streets resulting in permanent parking jobs and new dead-end streets. 

A great deal of MoWTs were confiscated or repossessed well before the onset of the Inquisition, as part of a campaign to "unclog the roads." As for the rest, the Gateway council, at the command of Chancellor Gideon, enacted a series of regulations and taxes in order to discourage their use. Many became relegated to private warehouses and garages while others were converted to ordinary non-mobile towers - as the cost of operating a MoWT on the streets legally become astronomical.

Today, operational MoWTs are highly coveted by the underground movement for use as siege machines, despite their conspicuousness.

MoWTs are not to be confused with House Carriages, which can sometimes be on the largish side, but rarely go over 2 stories. 

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